About us

For more than 25 years we have been working successfully and independently in the cable industry. During this time we have acquireda wide knowledge and have built up many contacts in partnership with manufacturers and users. During 2000 we made this know-how globally available as an independent consulting firm to assist companies to advance successfully.

Our ability to solve complex problems, quickly and concisely, is a source of strength to even our most ambitious and demanding customers. We work at all levels within a company with an attitude of trust and respect.

Passion, experience, innovation and quality - that is the core of our identity.

Our spectrum of activities ranges from the design of cables through production to the evaluation and the development of markets. Take a look at our achievements in detail to see where we can collaborate.

Industry sectors

We are very familiar with the characteristics of the international cable industry: particularly in Europe, the U.S.A and India where we have had partnership links with manufacturers and users for decades.

Moreover, we have a detailed understanding of the following sectors:

  • Renewable energy sources (wind and solar energy)
  • Automation industry
  • Railway industry (balance point rail traffic)
  • Plant engineering
  • Offshore engineering business (over / under water vehicles, platforms ...)

Take advantage of this special knowledge to help complete your project successfully and quickly!