Achievements / Cable industry

Design, development and production

You see a lucrative market for a special cable, but do not have the necessary resources to develop the product?

We can do this for you!

We would be glad to support you on

  • the search of new materials.
  • the selection, evaluation and implementation of production processes
  • approvals, clearances and tests (such as selection of appropriate standards, monitoring the production of samples, support the sample approval at international certification authorities, etc.)
  • the search of suppliers and / or partners
Design, development and production Cable

Marketing and sale

In the 21st century it isn’t sufficient to just “sell a cable”. In fact all aspects of the organisation must be used to leverage advantages against international competition.

We would be glad to support you on the following:

  • Conception and implementation of sales structures
  • Developing new businesses based on your existing resources
  • Finding and evaluation of new markets
cable marketing and sale

Project management

From the experience to the experience – this is our approach!

We pride ourselves on offering years of experience in managing these projects – not offering pure theory. We offer you holistic project management, in which we can efficiently incorporate your existing resources and structures.

As an external service provider we look to make the best use of existing resources, so you can enjoy the results on time and within budget. Through our existing experience in the cable industry, we see the whole “link”: from the single wire to the requirements of your customer.

In this way we avoid proposing seemingly “great products” that cannot be sold or promoting alleged “requirements of the market”, that cannot be satisfied expediently.